You can eat what you want as long as it fits your macros

You may or may not have heard of If It Fits Your Macros as a more flexible alternative to clean dieting.

The old method of eating healthy foods for vitamins, minerals and antioxidants has gone out of the window.  They can help improve muscle tissue and provide a plenty of other health benefits proven through scientific research.  But many tight bodies fitness enthusiasts with huge quads and triceps use the new flexible IIFYM over clean dieting.

The basics of changing your weight is calories consumes VS calories expended.  If there is a difference between the two, a change in weight will occur.  Remember, just following that basic formula when trying to lose weight will result in overall weight loss (muscle and fat) and not just predominately fat loss.  As fitness fans, most of us will want to crush our fat levels and maintain (or increase) as much muscle as possible.  This can only be achieved by manipulating calories and macros.

IIFYM does basically mean that you can eat whatever you want as long as it fits you macros.  That means even ice cream or burgers.  It basically is calculation based on your weight of how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you should consume each day to hit your target weight.  And it works!!


For example if a 25 year old female weighing 55 kiligrams and a height of 165cm entered their details into the IIFYM calculator, it would tell them that to maintain their current weight they need to consume 114g of carbs, 162g of protein and 22g of fat.  It would also provide calculations on what they need to consume to lose or gain weight at different rates.  Notice that the recommended macro intake values have a reasonably high protein level.  This is to maintain levels of muscle whilst the carbs are reduced to burn fat.  A reasonable amount of fat is also required to burn fat. Without this, the body holds onto it more.

Most fitness enthusiasts will calculate their calories and prepare their meals in advance for a day or week in advance. The meals will be based entirely on these macros. So if you ever see a fitness freak chowing down on some calorie filled cheat meal, remember that the rest of their diet is most likely very clean and healthy.